We assist with visa applications

We handle visas for university applicants and visitor visas for the UK, USA, and Canada subject to availability.


Visitor visas are issued for tourism, family visits, attending conferences or events, medical treatment, or short-term business purposes. They are not intended for long-term employment or permanent residence.

The duration of the visa varies depending on the country and the purpose of your visit. Some countries issue single-entry visas, which allow you to enter the country once, while others provide multiple-entry visas, permitting you to enter and exit the country multiple times within the visa’s validity period.


Our student visa is to enable international students to study in a foreign country and gain academic qualifications, skills, and experiences. 

To be eligible for a student visa, the applicant must have been accepted by a recognized educational institution in the country they intend to study. This includes universities, colleges, vocational schools, and other accredited educational programs.

We help with immigration solutions

When applying for a visa with us, we provide the necessary information regarding the required documents, processing times, and any updates related to their visa application. We assist with online application systems when available to streamline the visa application process and facilitate easy submission of required documents.

We ensure that your applications are submitted to the appropriate consulates or visa centres. If you do require a visa interview, we provide guidance and support to our applicants to help them prepare for their interviews. This may include mock interviews and tips for answering common questions.

Our office keeps you updated on any changes or updates to immigration policies and visa requirements in the countries you process visas for. This includes changes related to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

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